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Macarthur Anglican School

Masterplanning, GLAs, Trade Training Centre, Science and Hospitality, Library, Multipurpose Centre, and Gymnasium
Value    $18,000,000
Date    1995 - 2018

MCA Architects has been working with Macarthur Anglican School Cobbity for over 18 years and has an ongoing relationship with the School.  
The firm has undertaken all the Design and Master Planning work at the school since its inception including Master planning, a new Primary and Secondary School, Learning Spaces, Gymnasium, Chapel, Performance centre designed to seat 250, and the Stoddart Centre.
Recently the practice completed a library upgrade, GLAs and Performance Area.

The library was designed as the centre piece for the school. It is designed with a centre reading area and series of flexible spaces for smaller group use. Under the BER, the firm was commissioned to design a substantial library extension for the Junior School. The building has a relaxed profile suitable for a rural environment and has been carefully orientated with a view to minimising adverse solar exposure, whilst retaining distant views of the Blue Mountains

The classrooms at Macarthur have generally been designed for a two stream school and in the primary school, have a communal store, central withdrawal/Computer area and a shared space for practical activities. The design of the GLAs at Macarthur provides a fresh aesthetic, which is simple and economical.

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