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Macquarie University

C5A4 East/West

C5A4 Active Learning Spaces, Tutorials & Language Interpretation
Value    $1,200,000  -  $2,600,000
Date    2016 - 2018

A two-staged project, stage 1 involved renovation of the East Wing to provide 2 large Active Learning Spaces, and multiple attached Collaboration Studios.This is a step away from teacher-student interactions towards moderated peer-to-peer learning, supported by the teacher.

The second stage on the West Wing included 3 standard tutorial rooms, and numerous specialist teaching environments. The Language Interpretation Theatre and Booths were designed to International standards with the latest matrix-style conferencing systems to create an authentic environment to learning. Two additional computer laboratories with specialist storage, flexibility, and services integration permitted flexible use – both as traditional computer labs, and as Virtual Reality experimentation facilities.

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