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Lifesource Christian Church

Stage 1

Extensive internal refurbishments of Church, offices, foyers, and meeting spaces 
Value    $650,000
Date    2019 - 2020

LifeSource Church was bursting at the seams, and Stage 1 aimed to relieve pressure by maximising underutilised spaces, whilst refurbishing many others under a CDC to suit a tight program.
MCA refined the design to maximise every dollar spent on the internal refurbishment, which included 

- Major reconfiguration of the offices to an open office environment for increased capacity, an updated Reception, new Media Suite for the Creative & Media Staff, and new mezzanine open office and meeting space
- New Board room, meeting spaces, and refurbished Parent's room
- Refurbished public foyers, with new cafes on Lower Ground and Ground floors
- Refresh, stage and AV works to the Main Church worship space

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