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PC2 Biofoundry Research Laboratories

Value   $4,700,000
Date    2019 - 2020

MCA Architects were engaged for the design and documentation of new PC2 OGTR Certified laboratories of approx. 550m2 at Macquarie University. These laboratories include -

The Biofoundry - a suite of robotics and equipment enabling high-throughput, automated genetic engineering, cell testing for production of antibiotics, sustainable fuels and chemicals, or materials.

The Centre of Excellence – A synthetic biology wet lab for engineering of synthetic microbes, producing antibiotics and other drugs, platform biochemicals, and bioplastics.

Other sub functions within the laboratory including PC2 Cell Culturing Research, PCR and RNA sequencing, and DNA sequencing.

MCA Architects led the design team through a shortened design phase for the documentation of the complex laboratory, and are assisting through Construction with an aim to completed by end of 2020 for a grand opening with the Minister of Education.

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