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4WW Wet Chemistry Lab

Value    $4,000,000
Date     2019-2020

Following a fire that damaged two laboratories, MCA were engaged to design a dense wet chemistry laboratory that aimed to maximise the available floor space. The concentration of services was challenging, and coordination to extreme levels of detail was required to ensure the feasibility prior to construction. The scope of the project adjusted dramatically halfway through the project. Having made the Client aware of the cost and time impacts, MCA Architects led the design consultant team, with a careful eye on the budget, to deliver quality documentation.

With five double-sized fume cupboards, five Neederman arm exhausts, dangerous goods and specialist exhaust, new reticulated chilled water system, and new humidity-control A/C, the burgeoning mechanical scope was matched in scale and complexity by other services disciplines, requiring highly refined design with minimal room for error. 
The resulting laboratory was praised by the Client for successful implement of the brief.

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