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Naremburn Cammeray Anglican Church

New Ministry Centre and upgrade of existing Worship space
Value    $2,500,000
Date    2007 - 2010

The development of the St Cuthbert’s Anglican Church for a Parish Ministry centre continues the original vision of the founding minister, Rev. Pearce for a central community church serving the Naremburn area.

The challenge lay in designing a contemporary building to meet the current and future needs of a modern Christian community whilst acknowledging and respecting the tradition and building form of the 1916 building. This meant dealing with the particularly bulky and visually heavy appearance of the original building and creating open and inviting entry spaces, a natural flow into the formal worship space and multiple flexible learning/meeting spaces.

A key architectural element is the use of a transparent link between the original stained timber lined main arch of the original church and the new building consisting of a two storey atrium glass wall and skylight. This floods natural light into the transition space and acts to provide an uplifting transition between the new and old, enhancing the appreciation of the original space.The sympathetic nature of the materials and scale of the proposed building allows the understanding of the original building to be enhanced and given a new lease of life.

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