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Bede Polding College

Masterplanning, TAS building, GLAs and Multipurpose Hall

Value    $2,000,000  -  $3,000,000  -  $1.800,000

Date    2001 - 2007

MCA master planned significant additions and new outdoor and entry areas for CEO Parramatta at Bede Polding.

TAS Building

The two-storey TAS building provided a significant increase for College with numerous science laboratories, prep areas and classrooms, art classrooms, and engineering workspaces.

Administration Building

The master planning of Bede Polding College took a different turn following the destruction of the administration and staff complex by fire. It brought about a rethink in the way in which the overall site planning works, the movement of students, staff and visitors and in particularly the key relationship to the learning facilities. MCA Architects spent considerable time talking through the needs and requirements of the staff and the whole school community before developing the design of a new cutting-edge Administration complex with an emphasis on light and airy common spaces.

The resulting building with capacity for 90 staff was overwhelmingly positive response from the whole school community.

MultiPurpose Hall

MCA Architects were then engaged to design a large Multipurpose Hall, completed with basketball court, gymnasium, and large multi-use stage area. Prominently located at the front corner of the site, the building rises with large arched roof form towards northern sun and landscaped gathering spaces.

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