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Macarthur Anglican School STEM Building

Status: in process

Value    $10,000,000

Date    2018

The STEM complex reflects an “holistic” approach to the teaching of various distinct disciplines.
The Department of Education defines STEM teaching as
“STEM immerses students in the application and integration of science, technology, engineering and

The view to the south west is stunning and the orientation seeks to take advantage of this (with appropriate
sun screening).
The curved shape fi ts well in the available area at the west end of the Science wing and the fall in the
land facilitates a portion of the building being two stories, with ramp access to each level. We are not
concerned that a portion of the building is two storied in the general single storey environment as the
overall scale and fi nishes would respect the existing buildings.

Our conceptual approach has been to design a distinctive fl agship building complex, with economical
disciplined planning.
Science is located on the outer wing, with Mathematics above, and TAS facilities on the inner wing. The
complex would be entered from the eastern courtyard.
The primary concept is to have a centre atrium which would be covered and be available as an ‘interactive”
space, to facilitate student interaction outside of the GLA areas.

The atrium connects visually and functionally to the outside via a stepped Seminar area over two levels.

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