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Marsfield Trafalgar Square MQU Health GP Clinic

Value    $1,000,000
Date    2020

Macquarie Health engaged MCA Architects to develop a major expansion to the existing Clinic with the aim to establish a better connection with the community, in a popular community location. The works include the refurbishment existing GP clinic and extension into the neighouring tenancy, increasing capacity by 400%. The increase capacity allows for improved diversity of health and community services, and scope for staff training and development.

The works also refreshed the existing shopping complex amenities and provided a new compliant Access WC for general use.

The design focused on creating a welcoming space for patrons and to deliver an innovative health

environment that covers traditional GP consultation, diversified health such Pathology, and non-traditional remote consultation and “hot-desk” style Consult Rooms – a timely strategy as Covid-19 was about to affect Australia.

A tight budget demanded careful monitoring of the scope and related expenses to ensure the project could be delivered. The Clinic is currently under construction with completion in late 2020.

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