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E8C-1 Laboratory

Macquarie University

Value   $3,200,000
Date    2015 - 2016

This 660m2 refurbishment project involved a significant upgrade of teaching facilities on the ground floor of building E8C. Following the success of E8A1, the brief was to provide 3 flexible teaching labs, served by one large prep room, and interconnected to suit large group lab sessions up to 80 students.

Significant thought was given to Audio Visual reinforcement, demonstration benching, and sight lines for effective tutorials. To improve ambience throughout, MCA redesigned and modernised the external façade along the full length of the building to increase natural daylight through double-sided clear glass display shelving.

MCA thoroughly designed and coordinated specialist spaces including a 4 hour fire-rated, blast-proof, Large Preserved Specimen room, which needed to be treated as “bulk storage” given the large quantities of 70% concentrated Ethanol. Other sensitive spaces included a dust and light-sealed Microscope storage and maintenance room for student digital microscopes, and Sea Water prep and wash-down facility used for preparing sea-life experiments.

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