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TEM Laboratory

Value   $750,000
Date    2019 - ONGOING

MCA Architects were engaged to assist with the site selection, design, and documentation for the new TEM laboratory accounting for key factors such as structural vibration, active & intermittent sources of EMF, maintenance and equipment access, and building services availability.

The Transmission Electron Microscope can produce imagery of molecular bonds between atoms (100 pictometers), requiring a highly-refined laboratory space with tight tolerances on temperature, acoustic isolation, dust and humidity, specialist lab gases, conditioned power supply with redudancy, and EMF shielding.

A major concern with the basement location was rising damp, and water ingress through the aged external waterproofing. These matters were addressed prior to the main works package.

MCA lead the design team, coordinating with the manufacturer and consultant team every minute detail. MCA are providing ongoing construction assistance to the Contractor and Client.

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