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Laser Laboratory

Macquarie University | CSIRO

Value   $1,200,000
Date    2019 - 2020

MCA provided Design, Documentation, and Constrution assistance for 6 new underground cryogenic high-powered laser labs at CSIRO West Lindfield Campus.
Specialised cryostats utilise liquid Helium for optimal laser performance and slope efficiency. Given the rarity and costs of liquid Helium, a Helium gas recovery system was installed and connected to the onsite Helium reclamation.

MCA assisted the Client to navigate essential fire safety measures and DTS fire egress issues present in the existing building design. Great care and coordination were required as MCA led the design consulting team to meet the sensitive power, lighting, acoustic, mechanical, medical gas, and relocation requirements. A substantial new power supply was brought on-site, and a new medical and flammable gas supply enclosure was provided outside the premises within the bushfire asset protection zone to meet Australian standards, Client WHS requirements, and maintenance considerations given the limited access to the basement. The new laboratories will provide extremely valuable research opportunities and findings for the University and co-users at CSIRO.

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