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E7B-3 Laboratory Macquarie University

Value    $1,800,000  -  $2,600,000
Date    2007 - 2008,  2010 - 2011

A two-staged project, MCA were engaged to design 5 Chemistry teaching laboratories plus related write-up computer laboratories. The first stage on the northern end of the building including a large 48-seat, and a smaller 24-seat wet-chemistry lab each with prep rooms.

A large chemical storage room, and a large Class 3 flammable liquids storage room served these laboratories with localised plumbed medical and natural gases.

The second stage on the southern end of the building included 2x 20-seat wet-chemistry labs, and 1x 20-seat dry-instrument lab, all supported by various prep rooms and write-up spaces. A large fire-rated chemical store room was designed to serve the wet-chemistry labs.

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