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More Health Care


MCA Architects have been designing Health and Science facilities for over two decades. Our experience includes Pharmaceutical production laboratories, Clean rooms, and multiple OGTR-certified PC2 research laboratories. 
MCA Architects have also designed numerous medical centres, each with their own unique characteristics, in compliance with Australian Health Facility Guidelines, with a careful focus on budget, compliance, and patient and staff welfare. We believe the built environment plays a significant role in creating an atmosphere for health and wellbeing. 


Macquarie Hospital Interview Rooms 
Design of 3 interview rooms in MQ hospital.
Date: 2020  |  Project Value: $100K 

Macquarie Hospital and Clinic Facade Recladding 
Design of proposed reclad works to both MQU Hospital and Clinic buildings for submission to the Department of Planning
Date: 2019  |  Project Value: $10M

Macquarie University Hospital Administration and Counselling Rooms
Internal refurbishment for new counseling rooms and admininstration area.
Date: 2018 - 2020  |  Project Value: $250K

Siemens Building L2
Design and documentation of whole-floor office refurbishment and reconfiguration

for new tenants with increased security requirements.
Date: 2018 -2019 |  Project Value: $200K

Macquarie University Australian Hearing Hub
Design and documentation of 5 psychology consult rooms and reception.
Date: 2018  |  Project Value: $150K

Greater Western Aboriginal Health Services - Mt Druitt
Design services to existing Medical Centre of major refurbishments to administrative wing, treatment rooms,

Reception and waiting areas.
Date: 2012  - 2013 |  Project Value: $600K  

Mt Wilga Hospital 
Design and documentation of new toilets, shower, and Accessible facilities at Mt Wilga Hospital Hydrotherapy Pool.
Date: 2018  |  Project Value: $250K  

Manager Offices at ​Macquarie University Hospital
Concept design services to refurbish offices and administrative areas on Ground floor of Hospital.
Date: 2017 |  Project Value: $150K 

Exodus House Medical Centre
Major refurbishment to convert exodus house into a youth and disavantage welfare centre.

Facility had high security and WHS requirements.
Date: 2014 - 2016  |  Project Value: $800K

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