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Wenona School

STEM Science Laboratory

Value   $40,000,000
Date    2016 - 2020

The Wenona STEM Building Complex is a premier univesrsity-quality senior campus facility innovatively designed by Tonkin Zulaikha Greer Architects.
MCA Architects were engaged by EPM Projects and TZG Architects to assist with the design, documentation and construction of science laboratories and related facilities.

On the upper levels the six-storey STEM building complex, were three separate science facilities.The 5 new dedicated laboratories with centralised prep room were designed in a circular arrangement with glazed walls permitting views through the demonstrations benches whilst accommodating student collaboration. Double-sided Fume Cupboards could also be utilised for demonstration purposes, linking the centralised Prep Room to the teachers in the STEM labs.

The central prep room, a common design component of teaching laboratories, was design for School staff to prepare experiments and equipment throughout the day, and access each lab independently.Additionally, a new chemical store was accessible directly from the Prep Room, and via a dedicated lift from the 2 refurbished laboratories with centralised prep room on the levels above.MCA Architects provided experienced advice and direction throughout the full program to ensure compliant design, construction, and high-quality results for staff and students

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