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St Phillips Anglican Church

Value    $350,000  -  $1,500,000
Date    1999, 2009 - 2011

The firm has been involved with advising the Church over a period of 25 years.

St Philips was designed 40 years ago  as a  two stage Church development ,  but all that has been  constructed has been  2 Halls with ancillary provisions.The larger of the  Halls acts as the Church and in  1999 MCA desgned alterations and  additions to  enable the Church  to continue for function  as a growing  congregation. 

Since that time MCA has prepared designs for various additional  alterations.

MCA  have also prepared designs for altering the  Rectory to enable ongoing  compliance.


1999 - Extension of existing facilities.

2009 - Extension of Rectory building, new ventilation system for Worship space and covered ways.

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